As you watch the Battlehawks game, use this board to mark off things that happen during the game. Use the button below to generate a new board if you’d like, but marked squares will not be saved if a new board is generated.

Generate Board
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How do I get a KAWGO?

A KAWGO is defined as 5 squares in a row, or 4 corners. The middle square containing "KAW" is a free space. A KAWGO in any of these sequences will turn the squares yellow, indicating a win.

What if I accidentally close the tab?

Once you visit the site, your progress and board are saved for 6 hours. If you need (or want) a new board, just hit the Generate Board button. But beware! This action will clear your marked squares AND create a NEW random board.

Why does KAWGO exist?

St. Louis natives Aaron, a software engineer, and his wife, Alison, a web developer, hate Stan Kroenke. And we will support every team in this city to spite him. Also Kaw is law.

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